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  • Author Peter Skilton
  • Published June 3, 2013

Operation Snow Tiger

With only 300 Siberian tigers left in the wild, tracking any down is no easy task. Trying to film them is even harder, just ask the BBC…


Operation Snow Tiger

Sunday June 9, 2013. 8pm



For 50 years the BBC has been trying to capture the Siberian Tiger on camera. For 50 years it has failed. Until now. And the Beeb shows the results this week in Operation Snow Tiger. It’s in HD, too.


Wildlife documentaries are the closest the majority of us will ever get to seeing the world’s most elusive animals in the wild and it’s a bit safer than battling -32ºC temperatures and the dangerous wilds of Siberia. Instead, a camera crew and a team of scientists have travelled the hidden, frozen forests of the Russian Far East and done the hard work.


In a two-part series, the team attempt to track and film the tigers in their natural habitat. It’s estimated that only 300 Siberian tigers exist in the wild, so understanding their demise is vital to the scientists trying to save them from extinction. How can a creature that roamed Asia, and starred in many child’s favourite book, have such a decline?


In a television world of soaps and reality shows, Operation Snow Tiger gives an opportunity to view a creature more endearing than Pat Butcher, more entertaining than dancing school kids and in an environment more real than Emmerdale.


That, along with the mystery of these creatures and that they haven’t been on TV before, makes this unmissable viewing. A tiger is unlikely to come to tea, so this might just be the next best thing.


Peter Skilton writes for Stuff magazine


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