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  • Author Luke Edwards
  • Published May 15, 2013

Improve your tech life

Five ways to… upgrade your body, enhance your home and supercharge your fitness with these gifts from the gadget gods


Upgrade your body, enhance your home and supercharge your fitness with these gifts from the gadget gods.


Commute at warp speed with… Stealth Bomber (above)

£9000 | leftfieldbikes.com

Cycling to work means better health and free travel, but often at the cost of time. Not anymore. The Stealth Bomber is an electric mountain bike with a mind-boggling 4000W motor that can propel you up to 50mph using its twist throttle. Pedalling is optional but not really necessary for this beast’s healthy 30-mile range. But be warned it’s not strictly road legal in the UK. Yet.


Get fit with… the Fitbit Flex

£80 | fitbit.com




Getting fit – two simple words that encapsulate so much pain. Fitbit Flex – two words that make trimming down, toning up and enhancing health a simple part of your routine. The Flex, sitting stylishly on your wrist, intelligently measures your daily steps taken, calories burned, distance travelled, plus sleep patterns and food consumption. At-a-glance lights reveal goals while the app gives detailed figures. Get away from the couch and say hello to health – without the painful goodbye.


Relax yourself with… LG Smart TV

£Free | lgappstv.com




While Lord of the Rings had one ring to rule them all, LG has one Smart Hub. Using an LG Smart TV you can open a portal to a world of entertainment with a waft of (or having a word with) the Magic Remote. From BBC iPlayer and LoveFilm movies to Skype chatting and YouTube clips – this screen is a portal into a world of entertainment where you can find whatever you’re after simply and stylishly.


Eat smart with… HAPIfork

£58 | kickstarter.com




Eating too fast is statistically proven to be bad for your weight. But knowing that doesn’t make slowing down any easier. Enter the HAPIfork. This kickstarted project uses vibrations in a movement sensitive smart fork to keep you gobbling at a better rate. Far better than your squishy brain that takes 20 minutes to notice you’re full. So at £58 it’s a damn sight cheaper than a personal trainer.


Garden like a boss with… Husqvarna Automower 305

£1400 | husquvana.com




Time is money. Get a robot lawn mower and let the cash roll in as you sip on a drink with your feet up and watch the grass get cut. Set this guy loose on any garden shape with up to 500 square metres and it’ll intelligently cut the grass, returning to its base when in need of a charge. It cuts quietly but can kick-up a noisy fuss with its siren alarm if stolen – the perfect garden assistant.

Luke Edwards is multi-media journalist on Stuff.tv – and previews LG’s 84-inch Ultra HD TV here

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