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cruuuuise TV + Film

It’s the How To Live It Hollywood Stunt Awards!

Whether it’s the computer-generated Jurassic Park’s awesome T-Rex, James Cameron’s utopian Pandora in Avatar, or digitally bulking up Nicholas Cage in Ghost Rider – CGI is everywhere in modern films. More’s the pity: in the good old days if it looked like someone was risking life and limb on celluloid, they really were.

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couuuuurtney TV + Film

7 incredible acting performances by famous musicians

Musicians and actors have been swapping roles for years. They’re performers at heart, so it’s not always a stretch for musicians to take on dramatic roles – it’s just some have more luck than others, while others raise the bar with critics and audiences alike.

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rubbish lyrics2 Music

They said what? When lyrics go wrong

Pop music isn’t known for its lyrical prowess, but sometimes the grammar clangers are so bad that they ruin an entire song. What Hi-Fi? editor Simon Lucas puts on his ranting cap and gets stuck in

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