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SpainElClasico1 Sport

15 reasons you can’t miss El Clasico

Think of the biggest football derby you can imagine, times it by 10 and you’re still nowhere near. This is as big as it gets. Real Madrid v Barcelona at the Bernabau in Madrid– the first El Clasico of the Spanish league season. And FourFourTwo.com editor Gary Parkinson says you CANNOT miss it. Here’s 15 reasons why…

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DeerShot Tech

LG G Watch R: why you want it

If you’ve been thinking that the whole wearable-tech thing is not really working, think again. LG G Watch R is beautiful and useful – much like the official video…

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Christopher-Walken-Pulp-Fiction-cameo TV + Film

9 cameos you might have missed

Ever done a double-take at a movie and exclaimed, “Hey… wasn’t that… what’s-his-face? Out of that thing? Oh, you know the one!” Well, you were right. It was what’s-his-face. And there are what’s-his-faces doing all manner of bit parts…

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Future1 Tech

6 things that sci-fi got right before reality

If you want to know who really invented your gadgets, get in your time machine* and revisit the classic sci-fi novels that envisioned all your games, apps, tablets and more years before they arrived in the real world… Stuff editor Will Dunn explains.

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